Internet marketing for small businesses

We are an internet marketing company in Bridgend that helps small businesses improve their local presence online.


Our Digital services include

Website SEO

We make improvments to your existing website & the back end of your website to help push your business toward the first page of googles search results.

Local maps

We specialize in map influencing, a technique that helps your business dominate your local area on google maps.

Business listings

We list your business credentials on 100+ directories (think yellow pages online), so your business shows up time & time again on lots of local websites.

DIY online toolkit

(COMING SOON) Our pride & joy, this is specifically for new/small business owners who are just starting out, or on a very tight budget.

Its a step by step video library that anyone can follow, that shows you how to create a professional online presence yourself, without having to pay a professional. You use our professional advice and do the work yourself to save massively on costs.

About our Internet marketing company

We help any small business worldwide that is looking to grow their LOCAL presence. We do this with business listings, website optimisation & local map influence. 

We can work with you monthly, or have two services that are a one time cost with NO hidden fees.

We also provide an “online toolkit” video library that shows business owners, step by step, how to set up their own local presence, so they can save money and do the work themselves. This is great for new or small businesses with little start up costs who dont know where to start online.


Our mission is to help small businesses establish a fantastic LOCAL presence online.

We do this with SEO, local maps optimisation (think google maps) and business listings so your business has the best possible chance of being seen LOCALLY  by customers.


Our vision is to help 5000 new/existing small businesses set up  an amazing LOCAL  presence online. We aim to do this with our how to “DIY online toolkit" video library for businesses. 

This toolkit is designed specifically for business owners on a budget. Its a step by step road map anyone can follow, to set up a LOCAL online presence yourself with our professional advice & help.

You can get instant online access and start working on your business today.

Why Choose Us?

We are an internet service company that works with small businesses on their local presence. We only work with a few clients at a time & dont work with two businesses at the same location that offer the same service, meaning we are exclusive to you. 

Our service helps small businesses specifically with their LOCAL presence, placing your business head of your competition, making it easier for customers to find your business and benefit from your services.

Want to work with us monthly?

To get more customers, you need to be ahead of your competition. The businesses at the top of google search results & google maps, get the most business. These are facts.
If you want to be the best locally, we can help improve your business each month so you can work toward exactly that goal.

Our specialty is Local map influence

Think of map influence like the board game risk. We the aim is to take your business on local maps from;

– Red (not being listed at all) 


– Green (being in the top 3 map pack results)

See the below example.

What Our Clients Say

Ben has helped me full fill over 100 venues in the entertainment industry and also secured several new venues and hotels for enterainment. He is reliable, very methodical in his working and had delivered continuous great results! I would have no problem entrusting ben with my business as hes easy to work with and actually listens and responds to what im looking for. 5 stars from me.
I had Ben do my google my business listing so I could get ahead of the curve for when lock down is over. The photos he tagged have had nearing 1000 views, my listing is almost fully completed and a pleasant bonus is ive now started shipping hair extensions for the first time in my career because of local and non local interest from the business listing, which is working out great due to lock down im earning money from one of my other services! The listing is also climbing the ranks, for free! Its also a great place to showcase my work!
This company has been so amazing , they have helped our business to thrive and we have struggled for years to go over into the next step and I wish I had found out about them earlier . It’s great as well to deal with real people rather than robots and they made total sense by explaining it to us . Thank you so much I can fully recommend them .👍
Ben helped me years ago with my small tanning business and I’ll never look back because of him I was introduced to new clients which turned into loyal customers Thanks Ben
For tips, tricks & advice

See our youtube channel

(COMING SOON) – We are working on an extensive youtube video library to help small business owners improve their chances on being found locally.

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