About our Welsh SEO Digital Marketing Agency

My service, values and pledges

About me

I have been mentored by the digital marketing giants of OMG machines, the best Search Engine Digital marketers in the industry. I continue to be mentored by them so the value I add to your business is the most effective, up to date and relevant it can possibly be! I also work with top scale internet services such as social viper, Kosta quality guest posts, software developers and website designers. Then package everything together to ensure my clients get the most high value service in the digital marketing sphere, that can be provided to them, that’s my promise to you.

My service

Wales has a lot of potential. We are now post Brexit and I have been working behind the scenes helping businesses for quite a while, but now is the time to help businesses in Wales succeed online. I believe Wales is one of the most beautiful countries on Earth and has amazing opportunities, now more than ever. Because its important to me to add huge amounts of value to my clients businesses, I keep my client pool small, just 10 to 20 clients, then give them unbelievable value. Big companies are just not the way anymore, their services are cheap ( I mean that physically and metaphorically) in most cases the value and impact they add is extremely low as they do not care about keeping their clients long term, or celebrate with them when their business sky rockets!

My Charity & Planet pledge

I have a huge background in volunteering, I believe in giving back to help others. I have helped at a rest bite centre for 4 years helping terminally ill people, massaged the Cardiff Blues rugby team for a season, walked the width of the Isle of Wight in one day to raise funds for the Hospice, ran a charity shop for Age Cymru Wales for 8 years and worked as a DJ for free at brave the shave and various other events. So im big into giving back… My pledge is to help one Charity and one Eco business per year. That is my contribution to a community in need and to the planet. Its on a first come first served basis each year, so if you are a charity organization or run a 100% animal friendly, vegan or Eco friendly business, please contact me. This is based on 3 month of help with your digital marketing. There are set up fees and maintainance costs which are unavoidable and apply to every client, but the labour (my time & my teams time) would be completely free.


I enjoy being outdoors want to own protect Welsh woodland and forestry. I will swap my services in exchange for that land. The land must be in South West Wales and based on a contract agreement for the land upfront in exchange for my services that equate to the value of the land. So if you have a business that requires Digital marketing and own land you are not using, why not use that unwanted land as free funds to grow your business?

The Digital Marketing service I provide is extremely potent and valuable for businesses, and I keep my client pool small to ensure every business has exceptional treatment. Having said that I am only looking for business owners that are SERIOUS about scaling and improving their business. My client pool is between 10 and 20, depending on the plan they are on, meaning there are only 10-20 opportunities for me to improve your business. Some businesses want more clients and sales, but do not have the infrastructure to take on more people when they have a huge saturation of new clients. As a result there service may suffer. Please consider this when starting because 6-12 months from now when you are at the top, you will be taking on many more clients and I want you as a business owner to have a process in place for when this happens. Be excited about this and not nervous and come in with an open mind.