About Search Engine Optimization & Digital Marketing (SEO)

What is SEO? More importantly, why is this 80 billion dollar Digital Marketing industry so crucial to your business and its success?

In a nutshell, its a series of techniques and steps taken to optimize your website to rank your business at the top of search engines such as Google, Bing and Social media platforms. This ensures your business gets the most organic traffic and when a client or customer searches for a product or service you provide, you will be the first business they see… then buy from.

Just to be clear, by not having an SEO in place, you are loosing business, daily… that’s a hard fact to swallow , knowing each day that passes clients have chose your competitions businesses over yours.

The upside is if your reading this you will NOW know what an SEO is, why its the anchor of your online sales, along with the vast benefits you will enjoy by implementing an SEO into your long term business strategy.

Lets take a look at the exceptional benefits and get you excited about adding us to your business strategy… and be sure to contact us if you have any more questions relating to search engine optimization.

Customers are looking for your products and services you sell on search engines, right now!

Did you know over 90% of customer activites start on search engines like Google? With 3.5 billion searches being made every day, that’s a lot of opportunities for your product or service to be found! It also highlights customers are using search engines every single day.

SEO lowers your cost per aquisition

The beauty about SEO is the traffic that comes when you are optimized, is free. The only cost is hiring an SEO to work on making sure your online presence is optimized. It involves no paid advertising, no cost per click and gives your business the chance to save money spent on marketing. A triple win!

Builds your brand, increases online credibility and trust.

Google is a super power, and when your business is ranking at the top of Googles search results, you will appear the most credible and people will remember your brand.

You also better believe that an SEO increases offline sales as when customers are deciding to buy, they are researching your business online before choosing to visit your shop.

Free organic traffic gets 90% more clicks that pay per click paid strategies.

Many customers, in fact 90%, skip paid advertisements. Instead 90% of customers click on the organic traffic. That’s why SEO bests paid advertisements every time. Save your money, pay a good SEO and use the left over to go on holiday instead.

SEO is cheaper that paid advertising.

The average cost per click for paid advertising, across all industries is £1.78 (2.32 dollars). That’s regardless of wether a customer buys your services or not! So why are you paying for advertising when you can climb the organic ranks on Google using an SEO and have clients visit your website for free? 

Your competitors are using it!

If you’ve been living in the dark and wondering why your business isn’t making more sales, its because your always in competition. A way of dominating that playing field is to have an SEO. If you arnt, the sad truth is you may not have a business to grow in a few years because your competitors have left you behind.

SEO is the best networking strategy!

Aside from optimizing websites, a huge part of SEO is establishing backlinks with other websites. In simple terms this means other businesses are talking about yours, then customers can read about your fantastic service and click a link (like a bridge) back to your website! This is an extremely time consuming process for SEO, which is why low budget SEO`s just simply don’t work. Remember if it sounds to good to be true, it probably is!

Having these backlinks on various relevant websites not only make your business look extremely credible and popular, Google likes it and will rank you higher, meaning more sales and clients! Part of our service includes over 100 backlinks each month (we add massive value remember)! Meaning your website will be extremely credible and climb the ranks fast! It also means 6 months from now over 600 websites will have your business name on them! If you get started now that is…

SEO is mobile optimized

With over 50% of people now buying directly from their phone, its important your website be mobile friendly. This is all done for you by an SEO. The cost of AMP (mobile optimizing a website) is several hundred pounds, along with monthly maintenance costs, which is all included within my service. Can you now see why other marketing agencies are so cheap? They will not be doing all the critical extras you have at no extra cost in our service. Pay peanuts and you get monkeys, don’t let monkeys run your marketing!

Why SEO generates the best relevant customers

Forget pushing advertising strategies to everyone you know on face book, most of the people you know arnt relevant to what you are offering them. For example im a bald male, I get a “like our page” from from make up artists and hair stylists every day, pages I will never buy from. The amazing thing about a search engines such a Google, its the other way around,  customers are searching for your services! And you can guarantee they will be choosing the websites at the top! Our SEO service will increase your sales and get you more clients, providing you have a quality service or product to offer.

Around the clock free advertising!

This may be obvious, but its also powerful. When your ranking first on Google, you are the first choice to customers 24 hours a day, for free. When paying for cost per click strategies, your only at the top for as long as your budget allows. Also remember 90% of people arnt clocking on the advertisements! Plus there are many customers that click and don’t buy, which churns through your marketing budget, this isn’t something you ever need to worry about with SEO.

Its the best long term marketing strategy!

SEO is a process over time to get your business to the top. It can take anywhere from 6 months to a years, depending on location and competition. No one is marathon ready over night. Although it takes time to rank 1st, that doesn’t go away over night either! In fact, after all the work an SEO puts in, it rarely leaves first place unless there is rising SEO competition in that area.


This is my favourite fact to share, as the two burning questions for business owners are “how much value is in what im paying for” and “how can I measure it to see if its working?”. Hopefully the many benefits outlined here have demostrated the huge value our SEO service can add.

Every decent SEO company should be able to provide your business with the tools, such as google analytics, to measure your traffic, visits, the value of that traffic and what keywords are most valuable to your business, along with may other valuable statistics. Its important for the SEO to ensure the business owner has access to these so that you can physically see the increases over time.

SEO improves ALL your services.

The way clients search is the way your business is found. Are you ranking 1st on Google for every service you offer? Having our SEO service maximize the keywords of all your services means you will be firing on full cyclinders, 24 hours a day.

Your customers get a better user experience.

SEO maximizes your websites speed and tweeks your website to make it easy to read by Google, and more importantly, your customers. Optimizing website speed does involve a cost, but remember all costs are built into our two packages. There are no hidden costs here..

SEO is booming!

Theres a reason its now an 80 billion dollar industry. Businesses who are investing SEO in their business right now, will be ahead of the curve before it becomes too saturated!


Just remember, you are solely paying for the SEO services, no built in marketing costs, no pay per clicks. Our two plans are just £495 and £795 per month, but the return is priceless. The end result being top Google rankings, free website visits and paid marketing being a thing of the past. Just to put my pricing plans into an investors perspective, my lower package plan works out cheaper than paying a part time member of staff, at minimum wage for over a month! And that includes all of the marketing set up costs! Except a part timer on minimum wage wont add incredible value to your business, slash your marketing costs and save you a fortune over time!

To add, it can quite literally 2x, 3x and 4x your business! SEO makes you shine in the internet market place, meaning you are now global and can expand your business. Customers from other Cities, Countries and around the World can now benefit from your services.

Just remember , SEO is the smartest investment you can choose for your business, period.

Hopefully I have done a great job at listing the multi-various benefits that our SEO services can bring to your business. The benefits are vast. It requires no cold calling, no paid advertising, and best of all, customers are on Google searching for services and product YOU PROVIDE, RIGHT NOW! They are literally searching for you! Our SEO will help increase the chances of your business showing up first. Its a long term strategy that brings more traffic, leads and sales.